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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
AZALEA ₱ 1,499,500 Lot area: 60 sqm / Floor area: 60 sqm
PRIMROSE ₱ 1,499,500 Lot area: 60 sqm / Floor area: 60 sqm
JASMINE ₱ 1,899,500 Lot area: 84 sqm / Floor area: 70 sqm
CLOVER ₱ 2,749,500 Lot area: 102 sqm / Floor area: 79 sqm
EMILIA ₱ 3,499,500 Lot area: 120 sqm / Floor area: 103 sqm
EVERGREEN ₱ 3,499,500 Lot area: 120 sqm / Floor area: 109 sqm

Olivarez Homes is the answer to prospect home buyers who are looking for an affordable but high quality and modern home designs. Not only are the homes within this residential community affordable, they are also built to the highest standards. Knowing that it is developed under the direction of Olivarez Realty Corporation, you can guarantee that the homes are built with the latest construction technologies and standard.

The quality of the home design is another reason to invest in Olivarez Homes. The design features a modern style that can compete with the high-end developments. Hence, it can appeal to the discriminating tastes of modern home buyers. There are also up to 6 house model units to choose from. Therefore, you can choose a design that would fit into your needs, whether you are a single individual or moving in with your family. There is a home that would fit your needs and budget (as each model is priced differently).

Finally, the main reason to consider buying your own unit from Olivarez Homes is the fact that this is only one few real estate developments in Laguna endorsed by the local government unit (LGU). The local government unit appreciates the housing developmentā€™s commitment to providing an affordable housing solution that many Filipinos could afford, even the less privileged. Due to the endorsement of the local government unit, it propels the developer to stay committed to the goal behind this residential development. Olivarez Realty Corporation therefore aims to provide decent homes for the Filipinos without any letups.

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