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Olivarez Homes might a low-cost house and lot development. However, the homes and the entire residential community are built with the highest standard of development. Therefore, you can expect the best facilities and amenities that will meet the tastes of even the most discerning buyers.

The list of facilities and amenities available for future residents of Olivarez Homes start within the home itself. Every unit is built with the highest quality materials while keeping the costs low. Upon turnover, the homes are painted finish in the interior and exterior. The basic fixtures in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen are also provided, such as the faucet and sink. Meanwhile, the electrical and plumbing lines are already available to make it convenient for the homeowners upon moving in to avail of the needed services.

In addition to the basic amenities available to every homeowner, the community features and facilities are also up to par to the standards of modern real estate development in the country. First and foremost, the entire community is safe and secured by a 24/7 security personnel from the entrance gate and throughout the entire perimeter. You can therefore feel secure knowing that your family is safe the moment you walk into your home. The entrance gate also features a landscaped garden to give it a luxurious and exclusive feel. Meanwhile, there are guards on the entrance gate to ensure that only authorized persons and vehicles are able to enter.

The entire residential community is also built with an underground drainage system. While location of the site is not prone to flooding, this is a modern measure implemented by the developers to make the drainage system for the entire community efficient and reliable. In addition to the underground drainage, the electrical facilities for the entire community are provided by Meralco. Hence, you can expect no less than world-class quality electrical services.

The entire residential development is also built with concrete roads, curbs and gutters. The roads are also wide to provide convenience when driving around the community. Meanwhile, the parking should not pose a problem for the homeowners as most of the model house units come with a carport. This should make the roads even more spacious than they already are.

  • Secured community
  • Landscaped entrance and guard house
  • Concrete roads, gutter and curbs
  • Underground drainage system
  • Meralco serviced electrical facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Park with jogging lane
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pool
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The community has its own clubhouse too. The clubhouse can serve as the perfect venue for socialization, such as gatherings among homeowners and a venue for homeowner’s meetings. This venue is also available for use by residents for their other special occasions such as birthdays or reunions.

For your other lifestyle needs, there are plenty of other facilities provided for the homeowners of Olivarez Homes. These amenities include a basketball court, open park, jogging lanes, swimming pool, and a playground. All of these facilities can provide convenience to the homeowners who are looking to satisfy their lifestyle needs, whether it is for fitness or leisure. The best part is that all of these facilities and amenities are located within the community, which adds to the convenience when you want to use them.

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